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Ivanhoe Cambridge embraced Fusion Projects and our Design-Build approach to execute their new 6,500 sq ft office in Vancouver. They leased a 4 storey building, occupying the upper 2 floors along with renovations to the lower floors in preparation for a sub-lease. All this work needed to be completed by a drop dead date because their existing offices located at Oakridge were being demolished. Not making our targeted completion date was not an option.

This was a different approach than their normal process of delivering projects being a developer in construction themselves. We collaborated early on with their construction and design team to develop an environment that changed the way they work, fostered collaboration and provided flexible work spaces. The approach of this project was to take a modular construction approach weaving in high design, technology and sophisticated look and feel. The team also engaged with our furniture partners in the early days to integrate brand new furniture throughout the entire office.

The entire process of construction took 10 weeks to complete from start to finish. The modular approach to construction not only found efficiencies in our schedule, but allowed the team to focus on the functionality of the space from the onset in the design. The open concept design, exposed ceilings and extensive use of glass resulted in a bright and inviting space.

The approach of this project became a case study for the Ivanhoe Cambridge team modelling this for their upcoming office renovations in their offices back East. We are proud to have been an integral facet of this project and thankful to the team of designers and consultants making this project a success.”



delivered on time, on budget and as promised.

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