Fusion was engaged to manage a construction project for Semtech (formerly Sierra Wireless) which involved consolidating existing lab environments from multiple buildings into one brand new space.

In order to add the A/C, we demolitioned the existing ductwork that was tied into base building HVAC system and then installed new ductwork, new diffusers, new ceiling tiles, and remote terminal units (RTU).

We were able to shut down each lab for a short period of time once we had the new RTUs installed in order to carry out the balance of the work, which involved carefully working around some very expensive and sensitive lab equipment. Though a complicated process, our team executed the process safely and efficiently.

Relocating the lab from Building One to Building Two involved converting a large boardroom on into lab space with new t-bar ceiling and resilient flooring throughout the space. Although this lab did not require independent cooling, it did require a significant amount of power and data, which we initiated by installing a new 75kVA transformer and two 72 circuit panels to meet the power demand. The power and data was then distributed to their new work benches via PAC poles.

In the main working area, the environment exudes a clean, modern appeal, with a bold communal & kitchen area surrounded an open workspace concept.

Working closely with design partner DIALOG and the client, we brought to life a vision that the Sierra Wireless team can enjoy and continue their work for years to come.





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Arkavis Creative
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