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We're thrilled to announce the successful completion of the brand-new Coquitlam location of Trifecta Rehab Clinic, nestled conveniently close to Coquitlam Center. Working closely with Michael and Mandy, the visionary owners, has been an absolute pleasure.

Michael and Mandy's proactive decision-making and commitment to achieving excellence helped to ensure the project's successful outcome. We're thrilled to share that not only did we meet the project's requirements, but we also accomplished it ahead of schedule – a significant advantage when launching a new location.  

Our collaboration extended beyond the physical buildout. Initially, we collaborated with Michael and Mandy on a space plan for an alternate location. Through analysis we able to help them determine that the first option wouldn't align with their budgetary goals. However, our team conducted a thorough feasibility study for their current site, resulting in an optimal solution that was not only within budget but also exceeded expectations.  

This success is a testament to the power of comprehensive feasibility studies. It's a prime example of how investing time in thorough planning can yield remarkable returns. As we congratulate Michael and Mandy on this incredible milestone, we're confident that their new Trifecta Rehab Clinic location will flourish.  

As Trifecta Rehab Clinic continues to expand its footprint, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to their growth journey once again. Here's to a thriving future, and we're excited to witness their continued success!


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