Trinity Physio

Health & Wellness

Teaming with Tembo Designs, Fusion’s team created this bright and lively physio clinic, offering natural lit rooms and purposeful layouts.

Having an open concept, Trinity Physio separated their various spaces by glass fronts and clean lines. 4000 sq2 of aesthetically pleasing functionality has allowed this Health & Wellness project to stand out all while being a top performance work-place. With relaxation rooms and a substantial gym, this spa-like physio clinic has matched these contemporary outward facing assets with internal company comfort, by adding a functional kitchen for the staff to enjoy.

Fusion embraced Trinity Physio’s brand magnetism and expressed it through a modern, Zen inspired concept which fully grasped the company’s requirements in terms of supporting Trinity’s service component, while reserving their individuality.



delivered on time, on budget and as promised.

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