In 2015, DHX hired Colliers International to undertake a consolidation project moving them from several locations into a brand new 75,000 square-foot building in the Mount Pleasant area. Fusion was called upon to help with the pre-lease space planning, budgeting and project execution strategy.

These activities were to ensure that once a lease was committed to, DHX had someone to manage their budget and build strategy whilst the developer was building the building. Fusion exposed DHX to several talented design groups to consider for this project and DHX chose to bring EVOKE Design to the team.

As soon as the structure was far enough along, Fusion worked hand-in-hand with the developer to being the interior fit out for the new Vancouver studios for DHX media. Fusion was mandated to ensure DHX's move-in was completed by the time they had to vacate their existing locations, not leaving any room for error. Fusion brought in temporary power and facilities to be able to achieve this result. All while the building envelope was not sealed, leaving the site exposed to the fall weather conditions which were quite challenging in Vancouver.

With all the challenges facing this task, Fusion navigated their way through a multitude of barriers to achieve this feat ensuring DHX was up and running within 22 months of the developer breaking ground. DHX is a digital animation company focusing on production of TV shows and failure was not an option. The end result was a well designed, collaborative space which fosters communication and integrated teamwork, in a highly technical environment supported by a very sophisticated information technology infrastructure and server room.

The tight time frame and budget was achieved with the feel and finish and resulting culture the client was looking for.



delivered on time, on budget and as promised.

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