Woodward Products


"The elegant, 3,000 sq. ft co-working space celebrates the client's unique story and the process of product manufacturing. Upon entering, you are greeted with the prototype demo area serving as a client presentation space. The hot rolled steel cladded walls represent the machinery found on an assembly level of a factory. The dark steel conceals the west offices and contrasts the glossy white MDF panels concealing the east offices.

he paradox of the two forms relates to the contrast of the transformation from a a raw product to a fabricated finished brand. Angled linear fixtures get funneled into the assembly line corridor, resembling the idea of running a product into a machine. The stairwell contains recessed lights reflecting the vibrant sparks emitted from a welding machine. The mezzanine roof tops are created from the extended build out on the ground floor, each roof top has a striking moss graphic adding to the urban street feel which fits into the vibrant East Vancouver community, and designed to represent the birds eye view map of Vancouver.

A 3D google maps pin punctures through the moss rooftop to indicate the location of this beautiful home for the entrepreneurial community. "

- Alexis Bustamante, Senior Interior Designer - Dialog



delivered on time, on budget and as promised.

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