SPUD approached Fusion with a unique challenge for their new 80,000 sq ft state of the art food distribution facility in Burnaby. The team worked diligently in the due diligence and pre-construction phases to ensure all aspects of this project were coordinated. The project consisted of fully automated conveyor systems, large scale coolers and fridges and the design of extensive commissary kitchen for future food production. Fusion assembled a highly skilled team of architects, consultants and engineers to integrate the complexities. This resulted in a highly efficient workflow design for the SPUD with room for future expansion in the design.

The project extended to included extensive upgrades to the building structure to accommodate the physical loads of cooling, refrigeration, and electrical along with a large hydro upgrade to meet the consumption demands to operate the facility. We worked closely with our design lead, SGH Design partners to bring the SPUD vision in their offices to life. Having a large focus on sustainability, our team created unique designs details while embracing their core values.

The final outcome of this project was truly impressive to the entire team of the scale, use of technology, innovation to the market place and ultimately bringing the vision to reality.



Matt Bourne

Matt Bourne
delivered on time, on budget and as promised.

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