Fusion Projects' Team of Young Professionals Sleeping Out for Covenant House Vancouver

February 15, 2017

Fusion Projects has a team of seven young professionals who will be participating in the Sleep Out for Covenant House on February 16, 2017.

Our Fusion Projects team of Young Professionals will be sleeping out so homeless youth don’t have to.

“We have just one more night in our beds before our team occupies a piece of pavement downtown armed with just a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag for a night. I spent yesterday running around getting warm clothing for our sleep out, but was reminded that 99% of youth don't get the luxury of preparing to be on the streets. I know firsthand that one moment you might have a roof over your head and you are living with family and the next you are left with ...the clothes on your back. I've been able to use this Sleep Out campaign as time to reflect and realize how much I've grown as an individual, as a partner, and in my relationship with my family. I owe where I am today to #covenanthouse. They gave me a roof over my head while I healed from some traumatic life events, as well as gave me the coping skills I needed to re-build some important relationships in my life. I'm so grateful that I am able to give back to Covenant House in this small way by participating in the #sleepout and even more grateful that I am part of a community of amazing coworkers who are #family to me. I invite you to share and donate to our sleep out. To some #covenanthouse is the only family they have.” Brittany Martin, team lead.

About Covenant House Vancouver:

Covenant House Vancouver provides food, shelter, clothing and counselling to the estimated 700 (believed to be an undercount but no other number is deemed more reliable) street youth living in Vancouver at any given time.  Most of the young people who are helped have fled abuse at home or have aged out of the foster care system. Last year, over 1,365 young people accessed the services of Covenant House Vancouver.

Contributing to the community is a part of Fusion’s tradition and values as a member of the Business Community.

Our young professional team to date has raised over $17,000 towards their fundraising goal.

Please help our team do their small part to make sure the doors stay open for all of the youth who need assistance to provide a nice a safe place to stay.

Our Team’s Fundraising page can be found here:


On behalf of Fusion Projects and Covenant House we thank you for your support!

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