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January 24, 2015

Christian De Pape from Recruiting Social Interviews Ambrosia from Hootsuite on How Their Fusion Projects Built Workplaces Affects Their Employee's Wellbeing & Productivity.

Originally published by Recruiting Social from an interview with Christian De Pape

How do Hootsuite’s recruitment and retention efforts benefit from the company’s unique workspaces?

Ambrosia: Part of our recruitment process is to discover what we call #WMYU (what makes you unique). The more we are able to identify not only the best practices but what fits with our people and their working styles, the more likely we are to have an aligned workspace. We try to foster that uniqueness, whether for students, potential employees or current employees in each office. Right now, the heavy focus is on work-life balance and both open and quiet spaces. Whether it’s yoga rooms or nap rooms or an even split between collaborative versus quiet spaces, we work to make sure there is something that will matter to the masses. All of that is important for someone to be able to see the space and think, “I could really picture myself working here”.


Would investing in a well-designed workspace be a smart move for companies in growth-mode?

Ambrosia: Our offices support team collaboration in just about every corner – whether that be in the kitchen, on the stage, in the yoga studio, gym, on a whiteboard, or even in one of our office tents. On the flip side, we have a library and pod of quiet rooms where employees can go to get in the zone and crank some work out, undisturbed. Having a well-designed workspace empowers employees to use the space in whatever way helps them be most productive, whether that’s in collaboration or in solitude. When you’re growing at a crazy rate, you need to support different work and productivity styles for different employees.

“When you’re growing at a crazy rate, you need to support different work and productivity styles for different employees.”


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